What is Dropify?

Dropify is a service which allows you to pick what you want to wear for any occasion. Instead of spending thousands on an item to wear it less than 5 times, save your time and money. Spend a fraction of the price to wear your dream clothes for the amount of time you need them.

What if I accidentally stain or damage an item?

We understand that some wear and tear may occur. Before checking out, we offer an insurance plan which covers you incase of small damages such as stains. However, significant damage and theft are't covered under the insurance plan. If the item is damaged beyond repair, your account will be charged the current market value of the item. If the item is never returned, your account will be charged double market value.

Do you ship internationally?

At this time we only ship orders within the U.S., including Hawaii and Alaska. Orders must also be returned from within the U.S.

Will I need to wash any of the items before I ship them back?

In order to maintain the garments quality, we ask that you do not wash any of the items. If they happen to get a stain, we will take care of that with our in-house fabric specialist. In the case of an item being washed, we will charge a 20% washing fee to your account.

How often will the site be updated with new items?

You can expect the site to be updated with new clothing at least once a month. Including new releases and vintage pieces.

Can I keep or purchase an item that I am currently renting?

We only offer our items for rent at this time. In the upcoming months, we will offer a feature where you can purchase the item at significantly below market value. Be sure to sign up for our mailing list to know when new features are added.